ZeroPak Quality Products That Last

ZeroPak’s range of vacuum sealers, vacuum rolls and bags, vacuum canisters, and food preparation products are of the highest quality, designed to provide many years of trouble-free use.

Why Buy from ZeroPak

  • Quality machines of European design and manufacture
  • Machines that are designed to last the distance
  • 5 Year Extended Guarantee
  • Fully repairable machines
  • Low maintenance

Our products are perfect for farmers/lifestyle block owners, fishermen, divers, hunters, the catering industry, or anyone who wants food storage and preparation equipment that they know they can rely on.


Our vacuum sealers give you complete control of the vacuum and sealing process, and are perfect for meat, fish, vegetables, liquids, and soft foods. Made in Europe with German and Italian materials and components, we bring you the best quality vacuum sealers available, with features made especially for New Zealanders.

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Vacuum Rolls& Bags

Our high quality rolls and bags allow flexibility of shape and size. Manufactured to the highest standards, they give exceptional performance. Rolls of vacuum sealing film can be cut to size to make bags for storing and freezing, or you can use our pre-made bags.

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Vacuum Canisters
and Lids

Our vacuum canisters and universal lids vacuum seal delicate foods without squashing. When vacuum stored, your food will stay fresher four times longer than any other way of storing in a container, plus delicate food, such as salad greens and berries, will never get crushed.

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Food Preparation

Food dehydrators, Sous Vides, meat mincers, and sausage fillers, are among the high quality food preparation equipment available from ZeroPak. Every product we sell is guaranteed to last the distance and provide many years of excellent service.

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