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HV100 Vacuum Sealer

The ZeroPak HV100 vacuum sealer is a great all round vacuum sealer handling everyday vacuum sealing tasks effortlessly. It has the latest technology, is easy to use, reliable and built from quality components.

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our vacuum sealers

5 years extended guarantee
Double and triple seals - No more leaking bags
Full and manual control



Freeze drying is better than dehydrating, freezing, bottling and canning food. Food retains 97% of its nutrients, it does not shrink, change colour, or taste different. It is very easy to re hydrate in minutes and has a long keeping time. Now you can freeze dry your food at home easily!

Harvest Right freeze dryer front
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Hakka Meat Mincer & sausage stuffers

Electric meat mincers grinders and sausage filler stuffers made by Hakka Engineering. Quality machines with maximum reliability at an affordable price

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ZeroPak Quality Food Preparation Products That Last

ZeroPak’s range of food preparation products including food vacuum sealers, vacuum rolls, vacuum bags, mylar bags, UMAi dry aging bags and vacuum canisters are of the highest quality, designed to provide many years of trouble-free use. We also specialise in food preparation equipment, meat mincers, sausage stuffers fillers, dehydrators, electric smokers, and sous vide cooking.

Why Buy from ZeroPak

  • Quality machines mostly of European design and manufacture
  • 5 Year Extended Guarantee
  • Hand assembled with the latest technology
  • Fully repairable machines with parts available in New Zealand
  • Machines that are designed to last the distance
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean

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Our products are perfect for everyday users, farmers, lifestyle block owners, fishermen, divers, hunters, the catering industry, and anyone who wants food storage and preparation equipment that they know they can rely on.


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