Elegen clever line plus chamber vacuum sealer

Elegen clever line plus chamber vacuum sealer

Elegen Chamber vacuum packing machines are manufactured in Italy for ZeroPak. These machines offer some very unique design features which will improve productivity, versatility and ease of maintenance
The Evolution sealing bar system

This sealing bar system is unique on the global market and offers significant advantages both technically and functionally. This sealing system for chamber vacuum machines is the one that guarantees the best possible vacuum into the bag. The Evolution sealing bar system consists of a fitting on the tanks for inserting a removable and repositionable sealing bar. It works thanks to a spring connector joined to an isolated piston, that conveys current and pressure to the bar.
In addition to that, the sealing bar is made out of a unique piece of steel and is non-deformable, which makes it easy to switch and gives it great stability over time.

Another advantage offered by this system is that the tank is stronger than usual, since there are no holes for pistons on the bottom of it (the weakest side). The machine cover also has a more solid structure, as it receives no mechanical pressure from the pistons while sealing, thus guaranteeing a potentially infinite duration over time.
Evolution sealing bar system features are:
• Removable and repositionable sealing bar. Easily replaced in minutes.
• Manufactured in 1 piece from a unique material which is non deformable and gives greater stability over time.

Customisable sealing bar layout

The main advantage offered by the Evolution sealing bar system is that the tank can be easily set to accommodate up to 4 sealing bars inside it (2 on the short and 2 on the long side), which can be easily switched any time.
Sealing bar features are:
• Customisable bar layout with up to 4 independent positions. 2 on the long side and 2 on the short side.
• Can be operated with 2 bars on opposite sides at the same time.
• Allows for a stronger chamber construction due to less intrusion from sealing bar mounts
• The bar layout can be chosen by the customer

Vacuuming Liquids

During the vacuum phase air in the bag is suctioned fluidly, neither inflating the bag or causing weird accidents, which
may happen in the presence of liquids (an inflated bag indicates air inside). With the Evolution sealing bar system the whole amount of air is extracted from the bag, so that eventually there is no difference between the vacuum level in the tank and the one inside the bag.
Cleaning and Maintaince
The sealing bar has its motion element on the upper side. As such, it prevents contamination such as dirt and scaling, that can slowly damage it. For these reasons, cleaning and maintenance of sealing bar and tank become very easy and possible repair costs are reduced.


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