Commercial Vacuum Sealers

SICO S-Line 350 commercial vacuum sealer with food
SICO S-Line 350 commercial vacuum sealer with food
ZeroPak and SICO commercial food vacuum sealers are the best quality giving reliable continuous use, perfect for demanding high end applications.
Made For Heavy Duty Use

Designed for heavy duty work loads and perfect for the busy restaurant and bar, butcher, commercial kitchen, or industrial user wanting reliable continuous use on a daily basis.  So simple to use, you wont spend hours training your staff on how to vacuum seal.

Built To Last

With a stainless steel body that can withstand the rigors of hard work and quality parts, these are no fuss work horses for the modern business wanting to save food, money and time. Easy to clean and maintain. Back up service and spare parts are available.

Extra Wide Seal

A wider sealing bar allows extra large bags to be vacuumed or two smaller bags side by side, saving time.

Full Vacuum Control And Adjustable Seal Time

With full auto and manual control of the vacuum sealing functions, and an easy way to deal with liquids there are a wider range of foods/products you can vacuum easily.  Adjustable seal time is a must allowing for a variety of thicknesses of rolls and  bags giving a professional vacuum each time.

Adjustable Soft Vacuum Valve

A world first for external bag vacuum sealers our machines have this unique way of adjusting the vacuum pressure. The soft vacuum valve is fitted on top of the filter. It is adjusted by turning the dial or fingertip control giving complete vacuum pressure control from no vacuum right up to full vacuum pressure. The SICO 250 does not have this feature.

Repairability And Spare Parts

We carry a range of spare parts for all of our vacuum sealers so you get a longer life from your machine.

Seven Models To Choose From:

SICO S250 Vacuum Packer / Sealer – quick continuous use with manual seal
SICO S250 Premium Vacuum Packer / Sealer – double seals, powerful continuous use
SICO Nevada Professional Vacuum Sealer / Packer – triple seals fast air extraction and continuous use
SICO S-Line 350 Vacuum Packer / Sealer – 35cm wide triple seals
SICO S-Line 460 Vacuum Packer / Sealer – 46cm wide triple seals
SICO S-Line 550 Vacuum Packer / Sealer – 55cm wide triple seals and double pumps
SICO S-Line 700 Vacuum Packer / Sealer – 70cm wide triple seals and triple pumps

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Showing all 7 results