Domestic Vacuum Sealers

HV100 vacuum sealer with cheese olives and salami
HV100 vacuum sealer with cheese olives and salami
Outstanding features, reliable, and easy to use ZeroPak and SICO domestic vacuum sealers are built to last.
European Quality Built To Last

Most models are made in Europe with quality materials and components. We bring you the best quality vacuum sealers with features made especially for New Zealanders.

Inline Filter And 5 Year Extended Warranty

The inline filter system protects the pump from liquid and dust, giving a long-life machine with low maintenance.

Repairability And Spare Parts

All our machines are repairable, with the SICO models having a 5 year extended warranty.

Six Models To Choose From:
  • ZeroPak HandyVac Hand Held Vacuum Packer / Sealer – fits in your hand, micro USB charge, take anywhere
  • ZeroPak HV100 Vacuum Packer / Sealer – great all round with adjustable seal and vacuum settings
  • ZeroPak Dual Vac Vacuum Packer / Sealer – AC 240 Volt and DC 12 Volt with adjustable vacuum and seal settings
  • SICO S250 Vacuum Packer / Sealer – quick continuous use with manual seal
  • SICO S250 Premium Vacuum Packer / Sealer – double seals, powerful continuous use
  • SICO Nevada Vacuum Sealer / Packer –  triple seals with fast air extraction and continuous use

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Showing all 6 results