Zeropak Vacuum Sealer comparison guide

 Features Family Vac FV500 Smart Vac SV2000
 Vacuum Pressure/ Speed 12 Litres per minute at -650 mbar 22 Litres per minute at -80 mbar
 Seal Time  7 second seal time 7 second seal time
 Vacuum Pump Single piston pump, 3900  rpm pump lifespan of 6,000 vacuum cycles Double piston pumps, 2900  rpm quiet operation pump lifespan of 10,000 vacuum cycles
 Power 230V, 180W with an auto  overheat cut off 230V, 240W with an auto  overheat cut off
 Weight 2.2kg 3.6kg
 Dimensions Length 38cm, Width  17.6cm, Height 7.8cm Length 38cm, Width 25cm,  Height 10.5cm
 Roll Holder/Cutter Roll holder with manual  cutter inside machine Roll holder with built in cutter inside machine
 Inline Filter Inline filter for pump protectionBuilt in electronic liquid sensor for pump protection
 Manual Vacuum  Control Manual override for  vacuum pressure control manual mode for soft foods and liquids
 Maximum Bag  Width 28cm wide 28cm wide
 Vacuum Canister  Port Yes Yes
Duty Cycle 1 bag every minute 1 bag every 20 seconds
 Warranty Full range of parts available 5 years domestic use Full range of parts available 5 years domestic use/12  months commercial use