DualVac Quick Start

ZeroPak DualVac food vacuum sealer 12V-240V with foo


  1. Place the end of the film onto the seal bar.
  2. Lock the lid shut by pushing down on each front corner at a time. You will hear a click.
  3. Push the Seal button. The seal light will come on and the pump will run briefly.
  4. Once the seal light goes out open the lid by unclicking black buttons on each side of the lid.

Please Note: If you can pull the film out of the machine this lid is not locked properly.


  1. Place the open end into the vacuum chamber. This is the indented piece inside the machine at the back.
  2. Click the lid shut the same way as described in sealing above.
  3. Push the Vacuum/Seal Button. The pump will run and vacuum the air from the bag.
  4. The seal light will come on. Once all lights are out open the lid as described above.


  • For the first seal with a cold machine set the Dry/Moist setting to Moist. This will increase the sealing heat. This is most important when running on 12v power.

Please Note: Do not use the moist setting for extended periods, the seal bar will overheat and stop the machine. For extended running always use the Dry heat setting.


  • Gentle mode will slow down the vacuum speed for more control.
  • The machine can be pulsed by alternatively pressing the Vac/Seal and the Stop buttons. Once the required air extraction is achieved then press the Seal button. This technique gives maximum control over the vacuum process.
  • During the vacuum cycle the Seal button can be pressed at any time. This will stop the pump and start the sealing. Use this technique when vacuum sealing foods with any liquid content to prevent the liquid being sucked into the machine.


Food Dry/Moist setting: alters the seal bar heat. It will increase the likelihood of a good seal if there is liquid in the sealing area.

Please Note: The machine cannot be run for extended periods using the moist setting. The machine will overheat much faster on this setting.

Speed Normal Gentle setting: will slow down the speed of air extraction giving increased control over the vacuum process. It does not decrease the vacuum pressure.

Seal: is used to seal the first end of the bag when using roll film.

Can also be used at any time during the vacuum process to stop the pump and start the sealing process.

Vac/Seal: this function removes the air when Vacuum Sealing the bag.

Vac/Marinate: located on the right hand side of the base. Use this button when vacuum sealing containers with the accessory hose.

  • If liquid is sucked into the sealing area the seal may be compromised. Slide the bag out slightly and place a second seal at the top of the bag.


1: The machine does not automatically switch from vacuum to seal:

There is an air leak in the bag. Check the first seal, or there is a crease in the film where it enters the vacuum chamber, usually caused by over filling the bag.

2: The vacuum sealed bag does not maintain its vacuum:

Usually caused by food or liquid contamination in the seal area. Inspect the seal after the vacuum sealing. If there is evidence of contamination place another seal across the top of the bag. Also inspect both top and bottom seals. They should show as a constant clear line across the full width of the bag.