FV500 Quick Start



Preheat the machine without a bag in it by pressing the bag button and pushing on the centre of the lid

  1. Place roll in holder inside machine, roll out and cut to size sliding the cutter along grove in machine
  2. Put cut end of bag on gold seal band
  3. Do not go on or up past the grey silicone line
  4. Close the lid and press the bag start/stop button
  5. Push on centre of the lid until the machine notes changes and the red light brightens
  6. When the machine stops and the red light goes off, press the grey silicone button sideways to release the lid
  1. Place item inside bag spreading evenly to give a flat pack
  2. Put open end of bag into vacuum chamber above the grey line up to the

……….Vacuum sealing line……….

  1. Close the lid and press the bag/start/stop button
  2. Push on centre of lid until the bag starts to vacuum out the air
  3. Wait for the brightened red light to go out
  4. Open the machine
  1. Follow steps 1 & 2 from above
  2. Close the lid and lock the grey tabs on each side of the lid
  3. Press the start/stop/bag button and watch what is happening in the bag
  4. Once food starts to crush or liquid starts to move to ward machine push the start/stop button
  5. The pump will stop and the red light will brighten to seal the bag
  6. When light has gone out press down on the front corners of lid to unlock tabs
  7. Check the seal, if it looks marginal or has food contamination do a second seal above this one

When vacuum sealing liquids always check the filter for liquid and clean it out. Allow it to dry then the machine is ready to use again.

Do not leave liquid in the filter.


Why wont my machine switch from vacuum to seal?

A common reason for this is leaks in your vacuum bag and you will need to check for air leaks. Leaks can be caused by:

  • Kinks in film where sitting in vacuum chamber, make the bag a little longer so that it sits flat in the vacuum chamber.
  • An imperfect first seal on base of bag, reseal the bag
  • A puncture in the bag from sharp object or if reusing the bag
  • Liquid in the seal band can cause an air leak contaminating and cooling it. Use manual mode to stop before the liquid reaches the seal or put a folded paper towel across the inside of the bag above the food to absorb the liquid.
  • Thinner lower quality vacuum film can cause air leaks.

Make sure you are using the best film products you can to get the best results. Check out our website www.zeropak.co.nz

The vacuum bag not fully vacuumed before sealing, how do I stop that?

  • Make sure the open end of the bag is inside the vacuum chamber
  • If you are working quickly it is possible to cause too much heat in seal band with bag starting to seal before vacuum completed. Simply leave the lid open for a few minutes so sealing band can cool
  • Lighter and other brands of film may seal more quickly not allowing time for the vacuum to be completed.

My vacuumed bags have lost the vacuum?

This could be due to an air leak, check out the suggestions above to help.

Or try these:

  • Some foods hold air inside them which is slowly released after vacuum e.g. corn on the cob, take the corn off the cob then vacuum it.
  • Soft foods can cause air pockets in the bag e.g. minced meat, push food into the corners of the bag or leave a gap down side of bag for air to pass.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables ripen giving off ethylene gas releasing the vacuum, simply revacuum them regularly to keep fresh.

From time to time you may need to test your machine to do this:

  1. Run the vacuum seal function without any film and the lid locked shut.
  2. If the machine runs, the motor note changes and the red light brightens the machine is working perfectly.
  3. Check for heat in the seal band immediately after the machine stops.