Silicone Food Bags Quick Tips

ZeroPak Silicone Food Bag Uses

Silicone Food Bags Quick Tips

Silicone Food Bags Quick Tips

Silicone food bags are tough, flexible, durable and reusable with plastic free non toxic silicone.Reuse them over and over again they wont rip distort or leak.Easy to open and close with the slider and they keep your food fresh.Use them for storage, leftovers, freezing, cooking and food on the go.

HINT: When new if the slider is hard to move across the bag, simply apply a drop of water along the top of the bag for easy closing.
HINT: Make sure you slid the slider all the way across the top closing area of the bag to make it water tight.

For quick easy meals cook in the bag on the stove top, in the microwave and the oven. You can even marinate in the bag before cooking. Cooking is safe up to 230 Degrees Celsius.

Please Note: Take plastic closing bar off before putting into oven or microwave/ Leave a vent in the bag (dont fully close the top of the bag)


Push as much air out of the bag before cooking. To do this slowly lower the open bag into the water then run the closer across the top, or

with the bag standing up push the air out by squeezing the bag together then closing it. Cook as you would normally.


Simply wash upside down in the dishwasher with the slider on the top shelf or hand wash in hot soapy water. Silicone is stain resistant and doesn’t retain colours or odours and is resistant to high heat.

HINT: If any residue from curries, bolognese etc is present on the bag soak in a little vinegar and baking soda with water for a couple of hours. The residue is only on the surface of the bag.