VPS518 / VS5180 Tips and Tricks

When sealing very moist food like marinated steak and some seafood you must not suck liquid through the machine, this could damage the pump. If at any time you notice liquid entering the machine you can stop it by pressing the cancel button.

If you do end up with liquid in the sealing area of the bag while the sealing process is happening check the final seal, the liquid can cool the plastic and prevent a complete seal. To fix this simply put the end of the bag back over the sealing band, close the lid, Wait 15 seconds for the machine to reset and press seal; this will double seal the bag.

To prevent any of the above occurring here are some things you can try. Fold a paper towel into a 20mm wide strip and place inside the bag, across the top of the food. The paper towel will act like a filter, removing most of the liquid before it reaches the machine. Always have some paper towels on hand when doing things like fish or fresh chicken, pat the meat dry before placing it in the vacuum bag.

You can also operate the Machine in Manual Mode. To do this you start by pushing theVACUUM/SEAL button, to stop the machine you can push the CANCEL button at any time and then resume the process with the VACUUM/SEAL button. In other words you canPULSE the machine by alternating between these 2 buttons. When you are happy with the result you then push the SEAL ONLY button to manually switch over to seal. This process is very effective for very soft or wet foods, so try this trick for delicate or easily crushed items.