Food Dehydrators

Status food dehydrator 8 tray open with dehydrated fruit
Status food dehydrator 8 tray open with dehydrated fruit
Food Dehydrators – the easy way to preserve food while saving time, space and money.

Food dehydrators lower the moisture and temperature of the food for keeping it longer than normally stored foods.

Preserving Food Naturally

Drying or dehydrating is one of the oldest methods of food preservation. It’s easy to do and an excellent way of preserving food to retain nutrients without any additives or cooking.

Dehydrated food is still raw food. It prolongs the life of the food by removing water while retaining vitamins and minimising nutrient loss.

Drying food also stops bacteria, yeast and mould from multiplying and spoiling food.

Ready To Eat Healthy Dehydrated Food

Create your own healthy snacks for lunches including fruit leather and nuts – great for hiking, hunting or trips away.

Use in snack bars, make your own bread crumbs, add to casseroles and meals, baking and more. Make your own jerky or dry your herbs and flowers. You can even make your own pet food and treats too.

Just add water to rehydrate food again.

Storage Of Dehydrated Food

Once dried keep your food away from air or moisture. Short-term storage can be in vacuumed or air tight jars or vacuum canisters. For long-term storage, vacuum seal in a bag and place in a cool dark place or the freezer.

As with vacuum sealing, dehydrated food has a much longer keeping time than normally stored foods. The lower the moisture and temperature the longer the keeping time.


ZeroPak Hakka food dehydrators are manufactured by Hakka Engineering and are a long standing recognised brand throughout the United States of America. We chose these machines because of their awesome reliability, features, spare parts and service.

Use For:
* fruit * nuts/trail mix * raw foods * herbs and spices * vegetables
* coconut * fresh meats * jerky/biltong * yoghurt * fish
* home made soups * home made crackers * snacks * meringues * pet food
Protect From:
* food spoilage * loss of nutrients, vitamins and minerals
* suppresses yeast, mould and bacteria growth * insects

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Showing all 5 results