Food Vacuum Sealers

SICO Nevada Vacuum Sealer
SICO Nevada Vacuum Sealer
ZeroPak and SICO high quality food vacuum sealers give complete control of the vacuum and sealing process, especially for meat, fish, vegetables, liquids and soft foods
Keep Food Fresh 5 Times Longer

Vacuum sealing keeps food fresher up to 5 times longer than normal storage while retaining nutrients and saving you time, money and space in your fridge, freezer and cupboards.

Stop Freezer Burn And Contamination

Vacuum sealing prevents freezer burn, odours, mould and bacteria, insect infestations and even dust and sand too. There is no contamination as the bags are vacuum sealed in tough  multi layer vacuum film.

Save Time, Money And Space

Buy in bulk and vacuum seal in meal size packs. Even liquids can be vacuum sealed fresh in the bag, giving nice flat packs for your fridge and freezer. Flat packs save space, and defrost quicker.

Vacuum seal your pantry foods to retain freshness and stop contamination. You can even reseal open packets of food in their original bags.

Documents, photographs, jewellery, electronics and even camping and fishing gear can be protected.

Cook In The Bag

For quick easy meals cook in the bag in the microwave, sous vide or pot. Reheating pre made meals, steaming vegetables, fish or meat, and cooking fruit and jams is now easier and you don’t even dirty the pot!

Repairability And Spare Parts

We carry a range of spare parts for all of our vacuum sealers so you get a longer life from your machine.

Ten Models To Choose From:


  • ZeroPak HandyVac Hand Held Vacuum Packer / Sealer – fits in your hand, micro USB charge, take anywhere
  • ZeroPak HV100 Vacuum Packer / Sealer – great all round with adjustable seal and vacuum funtions
  • ZeroPak Dual Vac Vacuum Packer / Sealer – AC 240 Volt and DC 12 Volt with adjustable vacuum and seal settings
  • SICO S250 Vacuum Packer / Sealer – quick continuous use with manual seal
  • SICO S250 Premium Vacuum Packer / Sealer – double seals, powerful continuous use
  • SICO Nevada Professional  Vacuum Sealer / Packer – triple seals fast air extraction and continuous use



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Showing all 10 results