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Making sausages and burger patties aIt is possible to do this with just a sausage stuffing machine and buying your mince ready ground. However, for most people it starts with the mincing. If you intend doing this regularly it is worth investing in a decent quality meat mincer and sausage stuffer.


Mincers generally fit into three sizes TC8, TC12 and TC22. The larger the number, the bigger the machine. For most people, an excellent choice would be the TC8 or TC12. The TC8 will process around 60kg per hour and the TC12 about 120kg per hour, any higher stated output would be an unrealistic expectation.

You also need to consider the hole size in the grinding plate, this dictates the coarseness of the meat grind. Most people will be well served with a 5/6mm and 8mm. A reverse gear is also a really clever idea as this allows you to get out of trouble if something jams the mincing head. A stainless steel mincing head gives the best combination with easy cleaning and wear resistance.


A decent quality machine will have hardened steel gears with a 2-speed gear box. The fast speed is for reloading the tube with sausage mix and slow speed is for making the sausages or burger patties. Your sausage stuffer should come with a selection of filling tubes. Stainless steel tubes are best for longevity and hygiene. A range of tube sizes of 20mm for general sausage size, 10/16mm will make bier sticks or breakfast sausages and 30/40mm for salamis.

“For making burger patties use a drier mix and add less fat. For venison which has exceptionally low fat, 10% is a good starting point for patties and 25-30% for sausages.”


This is one of our newer products and is fantastic for making burger patties of a consistent size, ready to eat, free flow and freeze. It attaches to the front of either the meat mincer or sausage stuffer and comes with a variety of adaptor tubes which will fit most machines. Importantly, please ensure that whatever you purchase you can easily obtain parts for later. We regularly get phone calls from people looking for parts on some obscure no name brand that they purchased from a seller who has since disappeared.


When mincing meat and sausage making, it is critical that the meat is kept as cold as possible. Room temperature meat does not mince well. A cold mix is also important for obtaining a proper bind when making patties and sausages. Any liquid added to the mix needs to be chilled.

Put the mincer head in the freezer for at least an hour prior to starting and any added fat should only just be defrosted. Once the mix is ready for making the sausages or burger patties, keep it chilled.

Mince the meat and the fat through a 5/6mm plate then add your chosen herbs, spices, bread- crumbs or rice flour. Mix this together and run through the mincer again. Now add some liquid and mix well with your hands. You will know the mix is cold enough if your fingers start to turn numb.

If you pick up some mix, open your hand and the mix sticks you are spot on. Mixing properly at this point is also important for getting a good bind in the sausage.

For making burger patties use a drier mix and add less fat. For venison which has exceptionally low fat, 10% is a good starting point for patties and 25-30% for sausages. We recommend visiting www. which has a good variety of sausage casings. When starting out go for the natural hog casings in the 32-35mm sizing. The skins will come to you salted so soak them in water for at least two hours and run some water through them prior to use. It is better to slightly over fill rather than under fill the skins. Once you have completed the filling, twist the end result into sausages. Twist three turns in one direction, then three turns in the opposite direction. Allow the sausages to set in the fridge overnight before bagging or vacuum packing. Sit burger patties on grease proof paper then freeze prior to packaging, they will then be free flowed.

When choosing your herbs and spices, you can purchase a ready-made mix or create your own. When starting out, I would recommend the ready to use mix option until you get the hang of making them.

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