Mylar Bags

Mylar bags multi purpose storage
Mylar bags multi purpose storage
Mylar bags protect your food from light, air oxidation, liquid, moisture,  insects, odour, vapour and Xray.
They can withstand temperatures from -18 degrees Celsius up to 80 degress Celsius and be used for long term food storage of 20 years or more!

ARRIVING SOON – Mylar Bags flat & gusseted stand up

Use the bags for cold storage or to reheat a meal. Fresh food, dehyrated food and freeze dried food all store well in mylar bags.

Strong Reusuable & Recyclable

Mylar bags are 3 layer thick with aluminum in the middle layer. They are BPA free, extremely strong, puncture resistant yet feel thin and flexible.

Longer Term Food Storage

When combined with oxygen absorbers mylar bags can add 20 years or more of time in keeping your food fresh. Great for food that needs cold and moist or cold and dry storage.

High Quality Materials

Made from 3 layers with PET on the outside for strength, Aluminium in the middle as a light barrier and PE polyethylene on the outside enabling the bag to be sealed.

Sealing Is Easy

Always use an oxygen absorber inside your bag adding it just before sealing. Push the air out of the bag and seal it using a vacuum sealer on high setting (seal function), heat sealer or even your hair straightener!

Oxygen Absorbers

We recommend using food grade iron oxide oxygen absorbers also known as deoxidisers inside mylar bags for long term storage.  Iron oxide oxygen absorbers remove oxygen from inside the bag to prevent the growth of aerobic micro organisims, mold, bacteria and fungi prolonging shelf life. Different cc ratings for different sized bags or food types are recommended.

mylar bags features
mylar bags features
Use For:
* fresh and raw foods * dried and dehydrated grains/rice/pasta * fish and seafood * herbs and spices *pet food
* complete meals * fresh meats/ jerky/biltong * documents/ photos/cash * powders * clothes and shoes
* electronics * medical supplies * emergency kits * tools/nuts/bolts and car parts * firearms and ammunition
Protect From:
* food spoilage from light, moisture, heat, air/oxidisation,  insects, odour and vapor * no loss of nutrients, vitamins and minerals
* suppresses yeast, mould and bacteria growth when used with oxygen absorbers * stops rust and corrosion

ARRIVING SOON – Mylar Bags flat & gusseted stand up

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