Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen absorber iron powder contents
Oxygen absorber iron powder contents

Oxygen absorbers or oxygen dexoidizers are used for long term storage to absorb any oxygen inside a bag or container.  Oxygen and light cause food to deteriorate leading to a shorter shelf life.

Once the oxygen is removed nitrogen is left inside the bag or container which is good for long term storage without the need or additives or preservatives.

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What Type of Food Can Be Stored Using Oxygen Absorbers?

Food should have less than 10% moisture and be low in oil content or you risk botulism poisoning. The higher the oil content the shorter the shelf life.

Properly dehydrated and freeze dried foods are ideal for longer term storage with oxygen absorbers. Also breads, baking, coffee, whole dry foods, grains, flour, confectionery, dried vegetables and fruit, dairy products, cheeses, seasonings and spices, noodles, pasta.

Oxygen absorber applications
Oxygen absorber applications
Why use an Oxygen Absorber?

Oxygen (CO2) causes food to deteriorate. It also allows pests, bacteria, mold and fungi to grow inside the bag or container. Removing the oxygen keeps the food fresh and fungi, mold and bacteria cannot grow. No oxygen also helps to preserve flavour, vitamins and kills pets.

What are they made of?

Food grade oxygen absorbers are filled with iron powder. The iron powder reacts with the oxygen (02) forming iron oxide leaving nitrogen. They are soft to touch as they are filled with powder. The outer film is water proof, oil proof and anti fouling.

How long do they take to work?

Once placed inside the vacuum bagmylar bag or container it takes up to 4 hours for maximum oxygen to be absorbed. It will decrease the oxygen to 0.1% or less. The absorber will be warm to touch when it is working.

How to use Oxygen Absorbers:

IN A BAG: Put your food or other items into your mylar bag.  Push as much air as you can out of the bag.   Add the correct amount of oxygen absorbers to the bag and seal it straight away.  Some bags have a zip lock seal across them and some you will need to seal with heat such as a vacuum sealer,  or heat sealer. Some people even use irons or hair straighteners to seal mylar bags.

IN A CONTAINER: Put your food into your container.  Work out approx how much air is left in the container, add the appropriate amount of oxygen aborbers and seal the lid tightly. A 200cc absorber in a 1 gallon mylar bag with absorb about 600mls of air.

How to store oxygen absorbers:

Your oxygen absorbers should come to you vacuum sealed in a bag stopping them working.  Once they are taken out of the bag they will start working straight away.  Store any that are left over inside a bag that has been vacuumed or inside a sealed jar or container filled to the top with marbles or something similar. They have a 2 year shelf life when stored correctly.

Note: They will be warm to touch when working and absorbing oxygen.  When they have been fully used and depleted they will feel hard.

Use For:
* fresh and raw foods * dried and dehydrated grains/rice/pasta * fish and seafood * herbs and spices *pet food
* complete meals * fresh meats/ jerky/biltong * documents/ photos/cash * powders * clothes and shoes
* electronics * medical supplies * emergency kits * tools/nuts/bolts and car parts * firearms and ammunition
Protect From:
* food spoilage from light, moisture, heat, air/oxidisation,  insects, odour and vapor * no loss of nutrients, vitamins and minerals
* suppresses yeast, mould and bacteria growth when used with oxygen absorbers

ARRIVING SOON – Mylar Bags flat & gusseted stand up

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