Minnie-sausage-filler-image1Quality sausage fillers to create full flavour sausages easily.
Easy To Use and Easy To Clean

Our Tre Spade sausage fillers / stuffers are made in Italy from quality stainless steel and enamel. Manual horizontal sausage filler is easy to use and easy to clean.

– stainless steel cylinders– watertight and easy to clean cylinder weldings– carbon steel racks
– anti wear metal gears– aluminium gear block– self lubricating bushes
– “moplen” pistons with vents and silicone gasket– equipment funnels 10, 20 and 30mm
Three Models To choose From:

– Tre-Spade Minnie – capacity 3 litre compact
– Tre-Spade Star 5 – capacity 5 litre plus speed variator
– Tre-Spade Star 8 – capacity 7 litre plus speed variator

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