Savioli 400 Impulse Heat Sealer

Savioli SIGIL 400 Sealing Machine


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Savioli Sigil 400 Heat Sealer – 40cm wide with adjustable sealing times. Compact heat sealer suitable for butcheries, restaurants and supermarkets.

This is a fast heat sealer able to seal bags 40cm wide with a timer used for different thicknesses of bag up to 2mm thick. It will seal embossed and plain plastic bags quickly allowing continuous use.


  • Timer for different thickness of bags maximum 2mm
  • Seal 40cm wide width of bag
  • Sealing time 0.5 to 2.5 seconds
  • 700 watt
  • Single phase 230 volt/ 50 Hz

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 75 × 555 × 260 mm


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