Silicone Food Bags


ZeroPak Silicone Food Bag Uses
ZeroPak Silicone Food Bag Uses
ZeroPak silicone food bags replace glad wrap and single use ziplock bags with multi use plastic free non toxic silicone.  Silicone foods bags are tough, flexible, durable and reusable.  Use them for storage, leftovers, freezing, cooking and food on the go. Reuse them over and over again they wont rip distort or leak! Easy to open and close with the slider and they keep your food fresh.


Zeropak silicone food bags keep food fresher longer than normal storage. They are air tight with moisture prevention and control for fruit, vegetables, dried fruits. Saving you time, money and space in your fridge, freezer and cupboards. Store dried and pantry foods, vegetables, fruit, leftovers, deli foods, marinate meat and make meals ready to cook in the bag. Great for juices, gravies, breast milk, stocks and soups. Take them hiking, camping, hunting, in the caravan and on the boat.


Silicone food bags are completely free of plastic, BPA, petroleum, latex. Non toxic, odourless, tasteless, stain resistant, these bags are also lightweight portable.


Clear in colour so you can easily see what is inside with a leak proof charcoal coloured slide closer.  These silicone bags are flexible with measurements on the side for portion control and dont harden with age.

HINT: When new if the slider is hard to move across the bag simply apply a drop of water along the top of the bag for easy closing.


Buy them once and use them over and over again without wasting money and resources on single use throw away bags or glad wrap.  They save space by standing up in the fridge and cupboards, and lay flat when not in use.

COOK IN THE BAG and Sous Vide Cooking

For quick easy meals cook in the bag on the stove top, in the microwave, sous vide and in the oven.  Reheating pre-made meals, steaming vegetables, fish or meat, and cooking soups, fruit and sauces and gravy is now easier and you don’t even dirty the pot!


Simply wash upside down in the dishwasher with the slider on the top shelf or hand wash in hot soapy water.  Silicone is stain resistant and doesnt retain colours or odours and is resistant to high heat.

HINT: If any residue from curries, bolognese is present soak in baking soda with water for a couple of hours.

  • food grade silicone BPA and plastic free
  • clear colour with charcoal slide closer
  • heat resistant from – 40 degrees C up to +230 degrees C
  • leak resistant, anti spill and anti slip
  • lightweight, portable and long lasting
  • non stick, odourless, tasteless, stain resistant
  • easy to wash in dishwasher and by hand
  • reuseable and ecofriendly
  • all fresh foods
  • salads
  • vegetables and fruit
  • packed lunches
  • marinating meat
  • liquids, soups, stocks, juices
  • leftovers
  • open packets/bags
  • meal preparation
  • stored in fridge
  • cook in oven up to 230 degrees C
  • frozen to -40 degrees C
  • cook in bag and steamed
  • microwave defrost and cook
  • sous vide cooking
  • pantry organising
  • space saving
  • camping, tramping, boating, hunting and fishing

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