Sous Vide Cooking

Status Sous Vide SVC100 in a pot
Status Sous Vide SVC100 in a pot
Cook like a professional chef.
Sous vide cooking with a water circulator is a unique way of cooking. With minimal fuss sous vide cooked foods give perfect results that simply cannot be duplicated with any other method of traditional cooking.

Juices and flavours are infused into the food while being cooked in the vacuum bag giving incomparable taste and texture. Minimal loss of weight or moisture retaining all aromas and flavours, adding herbs and spices is an option not a necessity.


Simply poaching food with precision, no more overcooking, perfectly done each time. Set the Sous Vide water oven, season food, vacuum seal in a bag, and cook. Serve directly from the bag or sear for a crisp outer. It’s that easy!


Minimal cooking and preparation is required saving you time.  Prepare your meals ahead of time. No more checking for perfect doneness.  The Sous Vide will cook food overnight or during your work day.


All nutrients are retained in the vacuum bag with no evaporation and juices are absorbed into the food, not left in the pan. High retention of vitamins with no need to add fat to the cooking process. Great for meats, vegetables, fruits, even eggs and desserts too.


Sous Vide turns inexpensive cuts of meat into tender mouth watering meals.  You can produce restaurant quality food at home effortlessly and save money and time.


SEASON: Season food with your favourite herbs and spices.

SEAL: Vacuum seal in a bag suitable for cooking.

SIMMER: Place the sealed bag into a pot with your sous vide water circulator.  Temperature is precisely controlled so food will not overcook.

SERVE: Serve directly from the bag or sear briefly in a pan, on a grill, or hot skillet for a gold crisp exterior. Enjoy.

Our sous vide is made by Status which is a family company based in Europe manufacturing high end innovative kitchen products for over 20 years.

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