ZeroPak 6 Canisters

ZeroPak 6 Canisters

When vacuumed, your food will stay fresher four times longer than any other way or storing in a container, and delicate foods like your salad greens and fresh berries will not be crushed
Everyday Storage and Stackable

For everyday storage of fruits, vegetables, bread, salami, cheese, sweet treats, leftovers, sauces, soups and delicate foods and taking your lunch to work.

Use them to organise and save space in your refrigerator, pantry or cupboards. Simply wash and reuse.

The canisters are clear so you can see what is inside and can be stacked to save space. Each has a handy calendar on the lid to mark the food’s shelf life.

Reheating Food

Can be used for reheating food, are dishwasher safe, do not retain colours or odours and have silicone seals.

European Design Build and Quality

The canisters are made of quality triton (a high impact resistance material), therefore they remain undamaged and closed on impact.

The lids are made of ABS plastic and the valves and seals are made of silicone.

All materials are germ-free and BPA free.

Fast Marinating

For quick, delicious marinating of your meats, fish and chicken.

A twenty minute marinade vacuumed in a canister or under a universal lid is equivalent to eight hours marinating any other way.

Meat can be marinated in a fraction of the normal time because the vacuum in the container opens the pores of the meat and allows the marinade to penetrate.

Vacuum With Hand Pump or Any Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum by attaching to your vacuum sealer port with the hose connector. Will vacuum with any brand of vacuum sealer that has a vacuum container port.
Add the Hand Pump and you can take and vacuum your canisters and universal lids anywhere. Handy for camping or if you have no power or don’t want to own a vacuum sealing machine.

  • Canisters are in 6 sizes.
  • Universal Lids are in 4 sizes.
  • All have a 1 year warranty.
Use For
  • all fresh foods salads, greens fruit
  • packed lunches
  • marinating meat
  • liquids
  • fresh leftovers and freezing
  • cupboard organising space saving
  • open packets/bags

Protect From:
  • squashing and bruising
  • loss of nutrients vitamins minerals
  • suppresses mould bacteria
  • one time cost many uses
  • freezer burn
  • odours
  • insects dust and sand

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