Vacuum Sealer Bags

ZeroPak vacuum bags
ZeroPak vacuum bags
ZeroPak pre-made vacuum bags for faster processing

ZeroPak high quality vacuum  bags are BPA free and tested for safety for storing, cooking and reusing.


4-ply roll PA/PE
PA is Polyamide – this ensures impermeability
PE is Polyethylene – This ensures the quality of the sealed strip


15cm x 20cm – 50 bags
16cm x 25cm – 50 bags
20cm x 28cm – 40 bags

22cm x 30cm – 40 bags
25cm x 35cm – 25 bags
28cm x 36cm – 25 bags

Our vacuum rolls and vacuum bags are internally embossed so can be used in a wide variety of vacuum sealing machines.

HandyVac Bags Sizes

21cm x 22cm – 6 bags / 12 bags
26cm x 28cm – 6 bags / 12 bags
22cm x 34cm – 5 bags / 10 bags
26cm x 34cm – 5 bags / 10 bags
30cm x 34cm – 5 bags / 10 bags

NOTE: To be used only with the ZeroPak HandyVac.

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Showing all 6 results