ZeroPak Status HV100 Vacuum Sealer

The ZeroPak HV100 vacuum sealer is a great all round vacuum sealer handling everyday vacuum sealing tasks effortlessly. It has the latest technology, is easy to use, reliable and built from quality components.

With the advanced adjustable vacuum and sealing functions, touch sensitive buttons and the handy removable liquid tray the HV100 vacuum sealer is ideal for most households wanting to keep their food fresher.



The HV100 vacuum sealer has automatic vacuum sealing with adjustable seal setting for moist foods. A full manual pulse function giving you complete control for moisture and an adjustable pump speed and a quick duty cycle.

The removable liquid trap/drip tray can catch any liquids accidentally sucked up while vacuuming while protecting the vacuum port underneath it. Just lift it out and wash in hot soapy water, dry and put back into place. The suction port is under the the drip tray making it harder to suck liquid into the machine.

The pulse function is precise.  The machine will vacuum while you have your finger on the pulse button and will stop the moment you take your finger off. There is also a gentle vacuum function making the pump work slower for extra control.

The chamber seal is a new design made of non porous rubber for a longer lasting life and with a 20 second duty cycle this machine can process more bags without stopping than most domestic vacuum sealers.

The HV100 vacuum sealer will save you time and money by vacuum packing your food. Storing in vacuum prolongs the foods shelf life up to 5 times longer than normal storage. No freezer burn or lose of nutrients.

Designed by Status in Europe a family company manufacturing high end innovative kitchen products for over 20 years. With a 2 year warranty and replacement parts in New Zealand.

Rolls of Vacuum Sealing Film can be cut to size to make bags for storing and
freezing, or you can use our Pre-Made Bags.

Add Vacuum Canisters for the ultimate way to store and preserve delicate foods.

ZeroPak HV100 Vacuum Sealer MACHINE FEATURES:
  • Compact design sits nicely on the bench top
  • Full automatic and controlled manual pulse mode
  • Lid locking system for easy hands free use
  • Single seal bar
  • Non porous rubber chamber seal
  • 20 second duty cycle
  • 28cm wide vacuum chamber
  • Removable washable liquid drip tray
  • Suction port is under drip tray
  • Vacuum pressure 75kpa
  • 130 watt motor
  • 230-240 volt
  • 8 litres per minute air extraction
  •  Dry and moist food settings / 2 seal heat settings
  •  Normal and gentle vacuum modes / 2 pump speeds
  •  Can be pulsed for soft foods
  •  Bag cutter fits in a slot snugly inside the machine
  • Container Accessory Hose for vacuum containers
  • Anti sliding feet
  •  2 Year warranty

We stock a range of spare parts for all of our vacuum sealers.


Additional information


HV100 Vacuum Sealer
5 x 20cm x 28cm Vacuum Bags
Cutter for Rolls and Bags
Container Connector Cord/Hose
User Manual
2 Year Domestic Warranty


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