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HV100 VACUUM SEALER One Button To Keep Food Fresh

HV100 vacuum sealer with salami and vegetables

A good vacuum sealer can keep your food fresh for longer. If you like to buy in bulk, bought too much or perhaps have just gone hunting. Then consider vacuum sealing your meat and produce to extend its shelf life.

At ZeroPak we sell a long line of high-quality vacuum sealers. With our favourite being the HV100 vacuum sealer by status. Designed in Europe, Status has been our trusted supplier of vacuum sealers for the better part of a decade.

The Status HV100 is a great all round vacuum sealer with a compact design, handling everyday vacuum sealing tasks effortlessly. It has the latest technology, is easy to use, reliable and built from quality components.


With the lid locking system allowing easy hands-free use, advanced adjustable vacuum and sealing functions, touch sensitive buttons, exact pulse function and the handy removable liquid tray the HV100 vacuum sealer is ideal for the hunter and fisher person wanting to keep their catch in tip top condition.

Red meat vacuumed in the freezer will keep up to 5 years and fish and seafood up to 2 years. All with no freezer burn, loss of nutrients and the packs are all flat saving on freezing space. Red meat can be aged in the vacuum bag in the fridge and fresh fish will keep for a week in the fridge and still be nice to eat!

The general rule is your food will keep five times longer than normal storage.


The automatic vacuum sealing function with adjustable seal setting for moist foods, works with the touch of a button. The duty cycle is faster than other domestic vacuum sealers. We gave it the torture test of processing multiple deer in one session. We haven’t come across another domestic machine that coped so well with this workload.


A full precise pulse function and an adjustable pump speed give you control of the vacuum air suction. Simply hold your finger on the pulse button to start. Stopping is instant when you remove your finger, giving you complete control for moisture and to stop crushing. How simple and easy is that!  You can also slow down the pump speed/pressure with the normal/gentle adjustable button giving you extra control.


The removable liquid trap/ drip tray can catch any liquids accidentally sucked up while vacuuming while protecting the vacuum port underneath it. Just lift it out and wash in hot soapy water, dry and put back into place. The suction port is under the drip tray making it harder to suck liquid into the machine. A simple but effective way to protect the inside of your vacuum sealer from corrosion.

The chamber seal is a new design made of non-porous rubber for a longer lasting life and with a 20 second duty cycle, this machine can process more bags without stopping than most domestic vacuum sealers. It also has a handy channel inside the machine for your cutting blade so you can cut your bags easily and straight.

The HV100 vacuum sealer will save you time and money by vacuum packing your food. You can wash and reuse your BPA free bags and even cook in them too which is great for those quick and easy meals while hunting. Vacuum seal your hunting and fishing gear, and even your clothes to keep them dry! With a 2-year warranty and replacement parts in New Zealand we can service these vacuum sealers easily giving you a reliable vacuum sealer for longer. ZeroPak has full exclusivity for this nifty vacuum sealer in the South Pacific.

Shop online or call us to get your hands on the HV100 vacuum sealer.

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